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Novel Ecosystems: Borderless and Contemporary City Landscapes

Size: 7" x 3" x .75"

Materials: watercolor, BFK Reeves, Stonehenge papers, micron pen, type writer written text, Canson papers.

This piece depicts, and speaks about a number of locations I came upon while working as a resident artist in Finland. These locations show the beauty of contemporary city landscapes when wild places are allowed to flourish within their borders. The full text of the book can be found on my website. The first half is a free verse poem I wrote that compares immigration, the policies that restrict it, and the bigotry against it, to the overwhelming, fanatical desire to eradicate non-native plant species. The second half goes over the facts and benefits of allowing these wild places in cities to flourish.


Complete text: 

They aren’t from here,

they don’t

grow, live, here


They interfere--

take space

take up light

breathe up air--

like us.


They live alongside us,

and we sway, reach,

alongside them.

They aren’t from here,

but we don’t—can’t,

will not, rip them up.

We cannot last,

we can’t get by on a

world where

taking, pushing,

separating is the limit.


We intertwine,

root ourselves into

the earth.

We take

hold of the ground,

the dirt between our


fueling our twisted,

mixed up



Our lives are the same,

we all want a place

to be. Somewhere solid,



somewhere full and


We want plenty,

we want refuge for

our burgeoning



To exist among those that

Know us, care about us

not for what we are

But who we are,

Living beings,

breathing and


Living and



There is no native,


Indigenous, non.

We are tied so

tightly together,

our legs, roots,

wrapped around

each other.

Our lives resting

on, and

Holding up

each other’s.

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